30 Days, 30 Ways To His & Her Heart

A Marriage Journal

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Let’s be honest, marriage isn’t easy…

Sometimes we make it so much more complicated than it needs to be and often times we’re our own worst enemies. We’ve learned that if you’ve made your bed and don’t like the way it looks then you’re the only one that can do something about it. You control your destiny. You dictate your desires.

That’s why we wrote these journals. For the millions of men and women who are frustrated with having everything great on the outside but are a mess on the inside. For those who want but don’t feel. The ones who try but don’t see. And also for those who desire but don’t have. 

These journals are 30 days to a more purposeful and powerful connection to your other half. We will be open, honest and real about our struggles and successes. Let’s be real, let’s be honest and let’s have fun.

To His Heart

I Loved Dating You But Sometimes Hated Being Married To You.

Why? I knew how to date really well, but it turned out I wasn’t so good at being in a committed relationship, living together, and sharing everything. I wanted so much more for us - but didn’t have the slightest clue how to get there.

One day I woke up and realized that the answer started with me. I am the only person I can control. And if I want a different outcome, I have to do something differently.

To Her Heart

Marriage In My Mind Was Much Different Than Marriage In Real Life.

Why? Movies, society and my sphere of influence made me believe that marriage was going to be much easier than it really was. I didn’t hear married couples sharing their darkest secrets, issues and pains. I saw the social media highlight reels but rarely saw the reality of what it took to make a marriage work, last and grow.
I was in crisis. I woke up many different days and seasons continually reminded how I set the tone for my marriage. I had the opportunity to lead, stay committed and work through the process to have a purpose-filled marriage, but if I wanted this type of marriage I had to put purpose in front of the problems I was currently facing. I had to do marriage on purpose.

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About Daniel and Elizabeth

Daniel and Elizabeth Budzinski live in Detroit, Michigan. They met in the fourth grade and continue to overcome adversity to keep their connection strong. Together they are pioneers for bringing purpose into people’s everyday lives all around the world. They run several companies and enjoy life with their two favorite creations in life, Everly and Ivy. Elizabeth’s top four favorite things include coffee, adventurous trips, chocolate and her children. Daniel’s top four favorite things include traveling, speaking, building successful companies and his spending time with his family.

30 Ways To His And Her Heart

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