The Purpose Workbook

The Purpose Workbook

30-Day Challenge

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Have you ever wondered why life hasn’t turned out like you’d hoped?  The Purpose Workbook is a guide to help maintain balance and to envision a better future. Individuals who have created their life plan no longer worry if they will live a life full of regrets.

"Our Most Difficult Seasons Are Our Most Defining Seasons."

Exerpt from pg. 32

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Unlock Your Limitless Potential

The Purpose Workbook has been designed to be a beautiful yet practical guide. It will take you through a delicately crafted process, to help you think, discover and activate your true life’s purpose. Whether you are just graduating high-school or are ready to retire from your career, there has never been a better time to establish a life worth living.

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About Daniel


Driven by purpose, Daniel Budzinski is a passionate pioneer for a better way. To re-think and empower are the driving passions in his life. Now, with over 850 public speaking engagements to well over 250,000 people under his belt, Daniel has visited 26 of the 50 states and over 30 countries in just a few years. He has a passion for helping companies and people build a plan and execute it to live out their dreams and purpose. His life motto is to help people find their purpose.

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