The Purpose Workbook: Build Your Life Plan In 30 Days

The Purpose Workbook: Build Your Life Plan In 30 Days

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The Purpose Workbook is an engaging, step by step guide for you to write a life plan in 30 days or less.

Successful leaders, entrepreneurs and earners around the world all have one thing in common. They had a plan. Without a plan, we fail to reach our ultimate potential. Without deadlines, our dreams remain dreams.

The Purpose Workbook is the accountability tool and partner that won’t let you fail.

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The Purpose Workbook will take you on a journey to:

  • Daily project and plan your future
  • Daily reflect and reward yourself
  • Daily be inspired by the dream
  • Daily challenges that apply to a purpose driven life
  • Daily answer life changing questions
  • Daily envision your life unlimited

 Once you build that life plan
you will never live life the same again.

The Process is broken into four sections.

Here is your workbook outline.

SECTION ONE: Prepare Your Journey

  • Chapter 1: How To Write & Accomplish Life Changing Goals
  • Chapter 2: The Five Minute Connect
  • Chapter 3: The Inner Competition


SECTION TWO: Evaluate Your Reality & Progress

  • Chapter 4: 33 Ways To Self Evaluate
  • Chapter 5: Success VS Significance
  • Chapter 6: The Best Decision-Making Chart


SECTION THREE: Grow Into Becoming

  • Chapter 7: Learning & Living Your Design
  • Chapter 8: The DreamCycle
  • Chapter 9: Architect Your Vision, Mission & Purpose In Life


SECTION FOUR: Sustain Your Impact & Results

  • Chapter 10: Experience Occupational Convergence
  • Chapter 11: Framing Your Life With Your Words, Thoughts & Actions
  • Chapter 12: Building A Culture

Product Specs

  • 116 pages.You’ll be given lots of space to plan, build and architect your purpose.
  • 30 days of development. 30 days worth of compact life changing content
  • 12 Interactive chapters. Get the full picture of your purpose
  • Large print. 8.5 x 11 printed book
  • Beautiful color print. CMYK 4 color print.

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Driven by purpose, Daniel Budzinski is a passionate pioneer for a better way. To re-think and empower are the driving passions in his life. Now, with over 850 public speaking engagements to well over 250,000 people under his belt, Daniel has visited 26 of the 50 states and over 30 countries in just a few years. He has a passion for helping companies and people build a plan and execute it to live out their dreams and purpose. His life motto is to help people find their purpose.

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